Discover the Secrets to Creating Passion, Bliss, and Deeply Connected Love in Your Relationship!

From: Margot Zaher

Hi there,

If you and your partner are in need of a relationship revival, then you are going to be profoundly overjoyed at what I'm about to share with you.

You see, for years now, couples have been coming to me to help them solve their relationship problems; problems such as constant arguing, misunderstandings, and feelings of disconnection.

These couples shared with me that they wished their relationship wasn't such an emotional seesaw where one moment they feel connected and loved, and the next moment they feel misunderstood and alienated.

Well, guess what?

I've been listening intently and have created a comprehensive e-book called Soul Love Tango that gives you the tools to transform your so-so relationship into one full of passion, bliss, and deeply connected love.

This manual is a collection of all the tools I've used to coach my clients to start loving from the soul, instead of the ego. Included in this manual are highly effective relationship-building techniques, manifesting meditations and communication exercises that will quickly revive that burning love in back into your relationship.

Here's Just a Sample of What You'll Learn Inside.....

  • Use the 4-step proven Manifesting Formula to create the ideal relationship you want on p. 17.

  • Build an electrifying relationship vision and learn how a  relationship manifesto will benefit you in Chapter 3.  Without a vision you and your partner will be lost forever!  

  • Are you Mr. Fix-it, Mrs. Perfect, or Miss Popular?  Find out which one of the 15 ego-roles you're playing and how to stop these destructive games on p. 22-24.

  • Our society's programmed our minds with myths! Discover the truth behind the 5 Relationship Myths that destroy your intimacy, and be set FREE once and for all in chapter 5.

  • How to stop feeling frustrated when your partner does things that drive you crazy and start living argument-free and stress-free! 

  • Pages 66-69 contain an easy 5-step process to move from judging your partner to loving and accepting them exactly as they are.  Yes, this is possible! 

  • The ONE THING that always evokes deep love and connection with your partner many marriages could fail without this! pages 103-106.

  • Tormented by a lack of love?   Benefit from the Jump-start Love Engines technique on pg. 98 that will rekindle your loving feelings, and help you connect soul to soul.

  • Beating yourself up is a sickness just like the flu, that our society's accepted as normal.  On pg. 91-92 you'll discover 4 powerful ways to learn to love yourself no matter what!

  • Have a SERIOUS problem with anger in your relationship that needs attention?  Pages 75-78 reveal 8 Secrets to defusing explosive anger.  Anger is really love in disguise. Find out why, and learn how to stop the fights in your relationship for good! 

  • Complaining is a recipe for relationship failure!   Stop this ego habit and start CHAMPIONING your partner to new successes with a powerful 4-step process on page 98.   You'll be amazed at how much more successful your partner will become!!!

  • Good news! A Divine teacher is living under your roof!  Chapter 11 shows you how to master the technique of seeing and honoring the Divine teacher in your partner, and how this will dramatically shift your relationship.

  • How to answer the million dollar relationship question of "Should I stay or should I go?"  Chapter 3 will guide you through a soul-based process of deciding to stay or leave your relationship!

  • The NUMBER ONE cause of relationship drama, and how to eliminate it forever! Chapter 6 reveals all!

  • Are you keeping a secret from your spouse that's weighing you down? Learn how to share this secret in a healthy way that deepens your connection with your beloved on page 52.  

  • Don't think you have "the time" to create a soul-based relationship? Discover in chapter 12 how to use the Power of Conscious Commitment to make this shift a reality.

Plus Much Much More......  

The relationship of your dreams is waiting for you in this e-book. Isn't it about time you have the relationship you want and deserve? Aren't you tired of all the arguments, the misunderstandings, and the feeling of wanting to escape? You deserve better.

If you're not yet convinced that this e-book will dramatically change your relationship

See what others are saying about Soul Love Tango

"I especially love how Margot addresses "triggering" and seeing the partner as a "divine teacher", two concepts I had heard of but didn't really know much about, and had never seen discussed before. I really benefited from the discussions on "triggering", as well as expressing anger in a healthy way, and learning how to create "freedom" in the relationship." AP, Ontario, Canada.


"Thanks to Margot's relationship e-book and coaching, we are doing better than ever--MADLY in love in a deep, magical way that we always knew we would be once we got our ego's out of the way. We are communicating like never before and are being 360 degrees honest with ourselves and each other at all times now." ~ AC & KL, CA.


"The Soul Love Tango E-book is has shifted my whole way of looking at relationships. I am now relating to my partner in a whole new way, and because of this we are so much happier than before. We no longer fight. We have learned to champion each other and really love from our souls. Thanks Margot for everything!" ~S.S, Boulder, CO.


"Thanks to Margot's e-book, I'm more in love with my partner than ever.  I have a new found respect and acceptance of my partner, including his faults.  We've learned how to stop fighting and appreciate our unique differences."   ~M.N, Seattle, WA.


Today is the day to have the relationship of your dreams. Go ahead and take the leap into relating from your soul instead of your ego. You'll be amazed at how quickly and effortlessly your relationships transform!

Imagine experiencing a relationship so passionate, so blissful, so connected, and so full of heart-felt love. The tools to making this happen for you are in Soul Love Tango. The relationship of your dreams is waiting.

Get these tools in your hands today!

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